The Deer Run Drifters Announce New Album

April 2, 2015 —— The Deer Run Drifters have announced the release date of their next called titled "Restless Youth". The album will be available on May 5, 2015.


What do you get when you take two sets of brothers, the broken remnants of an unheard Alt-Country band, and the skills of a veteran bassist? Is it countless cases of beer? Maybe it’s endless amounts of broken guitar strings, or perhaps more simply, it’s those late night practices in an empty wood shed knowing you have to drag your ass into work the next morning. Well, it’s all of those things. More importantly, it’s the perfect combination of those things. It's none other than a genuine love for music that has forged The Deer Run Drifters. With one half of the band influenced by the sounds and lyrics of Alt-Country, and the other half deeply rooted in a more modern folk, The Deer Run Drifters have quickly carved themselves out a perfect spot in Americana music.

Nearly four years ago after their recent musical venture had fallen through, Chris Link and Shane Edgell were left busking on the streets of Floyd, Virginia. The two had nothing more than a guitar and a banjo, a few old-time covers and a handful of originals penned by Link. All it took was a few passers-by to stop and lend an ear and the rest is history. From that day forward, what is now known as The Deer Run Drifters started taking form. The band is composed of Chris Link (guitar, vocals), Joe Link (mandolin), Shane Edgell (banjo), Sean Edgell (guitar, harmonica), and Will Norton (Bass). In May of 2012 on a goose-neck trailer stage, The Deer Run Drifters made their debut In Willis, Virginia, for the first ever Talford Rodeo. Fast forward to 2015, the band has over 200 shows beneath its belt, has traveled up and down the East Coast, has been in every dive bar Virginia has to offer and has successfully released their debut album, Appalachian Blues.

“This is the most honest thing I’ve ever made; it’s very raw and is a contrast to what I’ve done in the past,” she says. After writing in Joshua Tree, she headed to Brooklyn, New York in the winter of 2012 to record most of the album, enlisting the help of bandmates Timmy Mislock, Maria Eisen and David Jack Daniels, while taking turns herself on piano, drums, guitar and bass. “There’s a Motown vibe to some of the songs” she notes of the recordings. “I wanted it to feel like the band was playing the songs live. There’s also a few that are more electronic and ethereal,” like the song “Come On.” She recorded that track in Los Angeles with David Andrew Sitek, producer of her 2010 release The Magicians Private Library.

Appalachian Blues has gained the band local acclaim for its collection of sad stories and rootsy instrumentals. Link utilizes weathered and often heartbreaking lyrics fused with his "high and lonesome" twang to draw listeners in. There's desperation in his voice that's both alluring and bleeds honesty. However, it’s the clever arrangements and focus on dynamics that brings this band to life. They have a knack for showcasing the lyrics of each song and reinforcing them with the music. It’s not uncommon to hear an eerie 4-string banjo roll over top of a wailing harmonica or over driven Mandolin within the mix, only to be tied perfectly together by Norton's foot tapping bass lines.

The band has found itself gearing up for the release of its second full-length album,Restless Youth. With the new addition of percussion and a rockin' electric guitar, the record is the first step in a new direction for the band. "We wanted to stay true to our roots as we did with our first album," said Link. "But, at the same time we wanted to intertwine some of the music we've grown up on. The new record, all the way down to the writing process, has been much more of a collaboration among all of us. I think this collection of songs has captured who we are perfectly."

Restless Youth continues what the band is known for: themes of life, heartbreak, and of course drunken mishaps. With the band’s new sound in place, it creates something that represents their intent perfectly. The Deer Run Drifters are here, and ready to take 2015 by storm.

Restless Youth release date:  May 5, 2015

The Deer Run Drifters "Restless Youth" Track Listing:
01. Good Days
02. Restless Youth
03. Nirvana'd
04. Tonight & Today
05. Cadillac Ranch
06. The Letter
07. Down in the Gutter
08. Can't Blame You
09. The Train Song
10. You Go to Hell, I'm Goin' Drinking
11. Memories
12. Float Away

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